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Design, build and program robots!


People have a certain interest in robotics and its increasing potential.

To make the new generation more curious and passionate about robots, several competitions have been held in different countries around the globe.

GISUTECH invites the best minds from all around Uganda to compete in Robotics category.

GISUTECH has 2 subcategories for Robotics: Lego Sumo and Lego Line.



Create a software controlling or cooperating with an electronic/mechanic device.


You are free to choose from anything! You should try to piece together your own original device, from whatever spare parts and tools you have at your disposal. However, it needs to have a software component which interacts with the hardware parts.


Creativity is as important as mechanical and programming skills in this section. Your only limit is your own imagination!


Make a short movie which offers solution to JUSTICE matters.

Create and demonstrate a way for a better family in today's world. Create a video(short film) in which you will convey your message in a story enhanced with visual and audial effects by using popular video editing tools like After Effects, Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, iMovie, Pinnacle Studio, Ulead Video Studio etc.



Write some code.. 


Create an application (i.e. Utility Programs, mobile application for Android or IOS, Edutainment and Entertainment applications, intranet and internet applications), GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or Apple MacOS X etc.


You may use any programming language (or scripting languages) you wish C++, C#, Java, Pascal, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP etc.) It is crucial that an application has usability and a proper easy-to-use interface as well as functionality. But of course, none of these matter if the key element is missing: a good idea



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