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Line Follower


Line Follower Details:


Open to both Secondary/High School and University students.

Please be advised that there will be one ramp with a maximum 22°

steepness in the course. Adjust your designs accordingly.


  • Number of Robots per Event: One or two

  • Length of Event: 3 minutes maximum

  • Robot Weight Range: Any

  • Robot Dimensions: maximum 30 cm wide

  • Short Description: The objective of this contest is to complete

  • the course in the shortest period of time while accurately tracking

  • the course line from start to finish.


1. General Requirements


1.1. Size and Weight Limits

Dimensional and weight limits for robots shall be strictly enforced. Robots must have passed inspection prior to competing.


1.2. Course Time

Time is measured from the start signal until the time it crosses the finish line. A robot is deemed to have crossed the line when the forward most part of the robot contacts or crosses over the line.


1.3. Time Limit


1.4. Timekeeping

Time shall be measured by an electronic gate system or by a judge with a stopwatch, based on the availability of equipment. In either case the recorded time shall be final.


1.5. Autonomous Control

Once a robot has crossed the starting line it must remain fully autonomous, or it will be disqualified.


1.6. Arena Edges

A robot that wanders off of the arena surface will be disqualified. A robot shall be deemed to have left the arena when any wheel, leg, or track has moved completely off the arena surface.


1.7. Losing the Line

Any robot that loses the line course must reacquire the line at the point where it was lost, or at any earlier (e.g. already traversed) point.


1.8. Course Specifications

The line following course shall traverse a white rectangle. The line shall be black, 15 mm wide. There shall be a starting area at the beginning of the course and an exit area at the end. The line course starts inside the starting area and ends inside the exit area. The start and end points of the line course shall be clearly marked via a transverse line. There shall be a 10 cm gap in the starting and finishing lines where the line course passes through them.



Characteristics of the line course:


A. There shall be no crossovers (e.g. places where the line crosses itself)


B. Switchbacks and hairpins are possible, but the adjacent sections of the line shall be no closer together than 15cm when measured from the center of each line.


C. The closest approach of the line course to the edges of the arena shall be no less than 15cm, measured from the center of the line.


D. The minimal curve radius is 15 cm.


E. Sharp angles may occur, but will not be smaller than 90 degrees.



1.9. Power of Officials


The decisions of all officials regarding these rules and the conduct of the event shall be final.




All rules subject to change without notice.




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