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Mobile Application

Write some code

Create an application about Covid-19  (i.e. Utility Programs, a mobile application for Android or IOS, Edutainment and Entertainment applications, intranet and internet applications), GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or Apple MacOS X etc.


You may use any programming language (or scripting languages) you wish C++, C#, Java, Pascal, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP etc.) It is crucial that an application has usability and a proper easy-to-use interface as well as functionality. But of course, none of these matters if the key element is missing: a good idea


If you think you're up to the challenge and are able to create a working program from top to bottom, you should definetly give it a try!

Criteria for Qualification to Final


  • Project documentation

  • Originality (not a copy of another project or a program)

  • Content, clarity of the documentation

  • The aspect of the final product

  • Concordance with the category in which the project is registered

  • Up-to-date, reflecting present interests​


Final phase

Common Criteria


  • Documentation

  • Originality / creativity

  • Oral presentation

  • Stand design

  • Technical Skills


Category Specific Criteria


  • Usability

  • Functionality

  • Interface

  • Difficulty












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