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       The GISU (Galaxy International School Uganda) Community’s thrill for technological advancement was assuaged with GISUTECH’s first ever International STEM EXPO. It was a two- today’s rendezvous which started on Friday, April 22nd 2016 with the Competitions at Galaxy International School, Kampala- for the first phase. The Expo attracted participants and competitors from all over the world. GISU hosted competitors from Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Pakistan  and the host Uganda. The Opening Phase which was the International Robotics and Technology Competition was held at Galaxy International School. It was graced by the Director of Basic and Secondary Education in Uganda, Dr. Yusuf Nsubuga who presided over its opening. A total of 154 students from 12 countries exhibited 89 Projects. The projects fell under six Categories namely: Hardware Control; Lego Line Follower; Lego Sumo; Line Follower; Mobile Application and The Short Movie.


        The GISUTECH Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Expo took place on Saturday, April 23rd 2016 at Freedom City, Kampala: a colourful emotive and unforgettable glamorous award giving ceremony for the winners in the various competition categories.The gates opened at 10:00 hours. The guests were treated to the spectacular displays of the finest of the students’ inventions. The ingenious students exhibited their award winning robots; gadgets assembled and manufactured by creative harnessing of scientific concepts and technological discoveries; art and crafts made through systematic permutations and manipulation of mathematical progressions; microcosmic utilities condensed for display for the explication of complex house hold and factory/ office systems used for mega operations, etc. It was insightful and mind- blowing moments especially for the parents who watched their children display, operate and cleverly explain the operations of the gadgets they had tenaciously manufactured using contemporary technologies and concepts learnt in class.After a sumptuous lunch, the Grand Award Ceremony commenced. Our chief Guest was Honourable Jessica Alupo- the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Sports. She was flanked by other Dignitaries. The winners in the Competition were awarded medals by the Chief Guest amidst thunderous applause from fellow students, the parents and Guest. The Chief Guest observed that the Expo was an “innovative occasion; an inspiring contribution to the perception of Science and technology in Uganda; an inspiring show- bigger and better than ever before”. The Chief Guest together with her entourage was given the Last and Final Guided Tour of the day to behold the finesse of the young generation’s transformational scientific and technological inventions. This marked the End of the GISU STEM EXPO


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