• All registration procedure been proceeded through GISUTECH official website (

  • Each project can be represented by a team of maximum 2 students.

  • All projects must be registered by a teacher or staff member from their school as supervisor.

  • Participants are responsible for the accuracy of the information they enter during registration. GISUTECH organizing committee will not accept any responsibility for these mistakes. In case a change is required, please email us before the end of the registration date at 

  • There is no fee for registration or participation to GISUTECH.

  • All Primary and High/Secondary School students are allowed to apply for the competition.

    (University students are restricted from Lego sumo and Lego line follower)


International applicants will be accommodated at two different Hotels for $60 and $80 per night and Guest Rooms.Guest rooms are limited. It is first come first serve basis.Hotel fee will be paid on arrival. Those who wish to be accommodated in the hotels before and/or after the specified period will be charged extra. Lunch and dinner will be free to participants.




Once you have confirmed your participation from GISUTECH, fill-in the Travel Information Form. This is very important as it helps us organize schedules for your pickup from your arrival point. Our pick-up teams will make arrangements and schedule the pick-ups strictly according to the information provided on your travel information form. GISUTECH Organizers will not be liable for inconvenience caused due to misinformation or lack of information in the Travel Information forms.




Every visitor has to pay $50 per person as they enter to Uganda for tourist visa. You need fill out entry form as entering the country.




You need to bring following documents filled out when you come to competition.

Code of Conduct: A general guide on the rules and regulations that MUST be observed by all participants during the competition.

Parental Consent Letter: A letter to be signed by the parent/guardian of each participant, showing their approval that the participant may take part in the competition.


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