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Upon the judge's instructions, the two teams approach the ring to place their robots on the ring. A cross in the middle divides the sumo ring into 4 quadrants. Robots always have to be placed in 2 opposing quadrants. The robots have to be placed at the border within the assigned quadrant at the same time when the referee gives the signal to do so and after that the robots may not be moved anymore. The robots have to be placed at the border within the assigned quadrant. The robot has to cover the white border at least partially.


The judge will remove the cross after positioning of the robots.


After the two robots have been placed, the referee gives a starting signal. Then the competitors are allowed to push the starting buttons of their robots. This is the last exterior intervention till the end of the game. The robots then have to wait exactly 5 seconds, before they start fighting. An early start counts as a false start and is assessed with a warning or in case of a repetition with a round loss.


The aim of this competition is to find the other robot and push him off the field. A robot is out of the field as soon as he touches the floor outside of the field (height of fall is only a few centimeters). Hardware and competition tactics may not be geared to damage the competitor ("fair play"). If both robots are still in the field after 3 minutes, the game ends with a draw (Time-out).


The base of the robots may not exceed the specified dimensions (see table below) at the start of the game. After the start robots are allowed to "extend" themselves, e.g. extend ramps or wedges or enlarge their base to stabilize. The whole weight of the robot may not exceed the specified weight (see table below).


Any weapons and actuators that could harm the competitor or the audience as well as equipment which sole purpose is the disturbance of the competitor is strictly forbidden (e.g. pliers, cannons, catapults, chain saws, cut-off wheels, blinding devices, etc.).


Equipment which anchors the robot into the ground is forbidden as well (e.g. glue, vacuum suckers, wheel-away rubber stoppers, suckers etc.).


All pieces must be of Lego® brand. Third party pieces may disqualify your robot


Lego Sumo Robot dimensions:

  • height: Unlimited

  • width: 15 cm.

  • length: 15 cm.

  • weight: 1000 g.

Ring Dimensions

  • Diameter: 77 cm.

  • Border: 2,5 cm.

Site Title

Open to both middle and High School. (age 11-19)


Two self controlled robots compete and try to push their

competitor off the field. The field is round and the interior

surface is painted black and is bordered with a white margin.

In each competition two robots compete. One competition consists of three rounds. If there is a lack of time the matches can be shortened to one round instead of three.

Lego Sumo

Robot Placement:






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