Photography theme for GISUTECH 2021"Covid-19 Awareness & Prevention"​.

Competition is open to all primary and secondary students. You can use any mobile phone, tablet, or digital camera.

GISUTECH Photography should (but not limited to) express the way Covid-19 awareness & preventions, sop's, social distances, etc. 

Photo-journalistic, documentary, experimental, or expressive, photography in all of its machinations can be used to inspire, inform, motivate, and otherwise provide the viewer with a distinct experience related to Covid-19. 


Turning your lens toward a scene of decay, pollution and photographing it in a way that induces an emotional reaction in the viewer can probably do more to help protect the wilderness than a photograph of a pristine landscape will. By supporting the power of photographic storytelling, we motivate society to make a positive change to raise awareness about endangered cultures, threatened environments and social concerns through photography.

GISUTECH Photography | RULES

  • Application: Photography projects can be prepared and submitted by only one student. 

  • Application: You will be required to submit your photo and introduction video on the system.

  • Application: Photography projects must submit their photo in JPEG format with a file size under 5 MB.

  • Application: An introduction video must submit the system. Miimum 1 minute video , Max 3 min .

  • ( example, Introdcude your sefl, how did u get the  photo idea idea  , talk about camere setting, your gadget,)

Sample video :

  • Students are allowed a maximum of 1-2 minutes of statement regarding their photos.

  • Application: All photos must be your own work.

  • Application: File names must be in English characters. - ( on the photo- Counrt name - Stuadent name - Grade -

  • Students are allowed to make changes and improve their projects between application and fair presentation before the deadline.

  • Students are required to submit only one image responding to a brief.  

Note: We have right to share your photos on our website and social :

GISUTECH Photography | Judging Criteria

1. Creativity

2. Composition

3. Expression of Meaning

4. Expression of Emotion 

5. Rule of Third

6. Quality 

7. Overall Expression

8.Oral Presentation ( Camera settings and Idea)